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About Us – Thinkbetter Media


Thinkbetter Media is a multimedia design company that takes pride in having a young black entrepreneur as the managing director of the company and is 100% South African, youth black owned company. Thinkbetter Media understands how critical the perception of a client’s company is to the future of their business. The look of their logo, brand design and marketing material has a direct result on the success in the market place. Our extensive portfolio embraces small customers with new business ventures, SMEs, and large, established “blue-chip” organisations - but at THiNKbetter Media, we handle every once-off job or major long-term project with equal care, brainstorming ideas and strategies with clients, and keeping them posted on progress - every step of the way. Whether you require business cards, website design, permanent or temporary signage, marketing kits, THiNKbetter Media has the professional expertise to deliver an impeccable finished product - seamlessly and effortlessly


Our vision is to lead design Industry with creative concepts, innovative thinking, inspirational skills and services by perusing latest trend technology and quality driven approach. We want to emerge as a global leader for printing, branding, marketing, web and graphic design in the market.


Our mission is to provide complete design services to enhance your presence. To achieve our mission, our dedicated and professional team works round the clock to provide complete solutions, seamlessly integrating them while providing the highest level of client satisfaction through the quality output and on-time delivery.


  • Design
  • Printing
  • Multimedia
  • Web

Our sole objective is to fulfill the requirements of our customers and do the work right according to their needs and requirements. We consider the importance values when it comes to providing successful services to the clients. Our corporate culture is based on the following values:

We are dedicated to making our customers priority one, and honouring our commitments

We will only offer the best product of the highest quality to our customers, unless otherwise instructed. We are committed to selling and delivering high quality products and services

We show pride, enthusiasm, professionalism and dedication in everything that we do.

We stand behind the values of our company and promise to provide you not only with value in the products we sell, but will go beyond the call of duty to ensure you are successful in the market place.

We work for you as our customer, and will not compromise profits over savings for the customer. By doing this we promise to bring you the best prices possible.

We serve you creative, innovative, inspirational and charisma design solutions.

Everyone’s voice including all religions, races, languages, cultures and humanity.

Quality, client focused, values, methods, measures and principles.

We strive to help improve the communities in which we work and live. We believe that being socially responsible means giving back to the community of our time and finances.


We'll do everything we can to make our next best project!